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Night cities keep many unusual stories and long legends. One of them is about a mysterious lamplighter who appears out of nowhere and disappears into nowhere. No one knows where he lives and how old he is.
The only thing that is known - his name - FAROLERO
His short frame in a strange cylinder hat and a long black cloak can be recognized from afar - the lamplighter is very old and limps on his left leg. He knows every inch of any city in the world and can tell lots of fascinating stories about them and their residents.
The old man holds a magic lantern in his hands and everyone wants to meet him at least once in a lifetime — there is a belief that this lantern was presented to Farolero by Destiny itself, along with immortality.
If you touch the lantern, your deepest desires will come true. The person whose path it illuminates will be lucky and resourceful in life. And those whose face is illuminated by its light, will learn about their talents and find their destiny.
But not everyone is given a chance to meet the old lamplighter, because no one knows where he will appear and when goes away...

Get to know him. His name is Farolero.
More than anything in the world Farolero likes to fulfill dreams and spark talents
A magic adventure in the city of streetlights with elements of sightseeing, theatre performance and quests.
A fairytale performed right in the city streets as a scene. The actors play a magic story for you, the old city walls tell you ancient legends, the objects become alive.
A walk with a wise lamplighter telling you legends and the real city stories full of miracles and magic

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«Farolero». Night city-tour of the gothic streets of Barcelona
Language: Russian, English
Meeting Place: Spain, Barcelona, Plaça de Ramón Berenguer el Gran. We meet at the monument sitting on horseback Ramona Berenguer III.
❗️Nearest metro station: Jaume I (L4), Catalunya (L1,L3)
❗️Nearest parking: under the Cathedral square
⏰ Gathering: at 21:00 (time varies depending on sunset)
⏰ Duration: 100 minutes

Price: Adult - 45 €, Children's (from 3 to 11 years) - 25 €
Tel: +34 693 37 77 34 (sms, whatsapp).

«Farolero». Night city-tour in the Tower district of London
Language: Russian, English
Meeting Place: Tower Hill underground station, at the statue of Julius Caesar.
❗️ Nearest metro station: Tower Hill, London EC3N 1JL
⏰ Gathering: at 19:30 (time varies depending on sunset)
⏰ Duration: 100 minutes

Price: Adult - 45 € / 40 £
Children's (from 3 to 11 years) - 25 € / 22 £
Tel: +7 917 903 97 97 (sms, whatsapp).
«Farolero». Night magic city-tour in the Edinburgh Old Town
Language: Russian, English
Meeting Place: Car Park at Scottish National Gallery on the Mound.
❗️ Nearest bus stop: The Mound
⏰ Gathering: at 9:30 pm (time varies depending on sunset)
⏰ Duration: 100 minutes

Price: Adult - 21 € / 18 £
Children's (from 3 to 11 years) - 17 € / 15 £
Tel: +7 917 903 97 97 (sms, whatsapp).
Families with children from 3 years old
We will follow the dream which will bring us to our childhood and remember the moments we lived
Guests of the city and locals
You will learn the character of the city, live it´s history and will keep it in the memory as if it was your new friend
Romantic couples
A night city-tour will be a romantic date where you will make a one wish just for your couple
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...For me in general, the image of the Lamplighter is one of the key, helping to recognize "their own" in this world, mentally close people. And of course, not everyone is given the opportunity to make such a meaningful gift to his native city, to spiritualize his story, to fill the hearts of his inhabitants and guests with love for it.
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...I went to Night Magic City Tour "Farolero", badly imagining what it is. And, I must say, I never regretted it. Farolero is a bright, rich, multimedia spectacle-promenade, with amazing characters, installations, with excellent dramaturgia.
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...And this, perhaps, is the most incredible miracle and mystery in which I was fortunate enough to participate. The first half of the tour I was sincerely crying over an overabundance of bright emotions, then I could not restrain a happy smile. The children walked absolutely spellbound.
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